Chris Schurawel

Guitar for me is a lifetime deal. I've been playing for about 12 years now and haven't got tired of it yet. My abilities are above average. I'm no virtuoso but I can play rock and roll. The cool thing about guitar is that you never outgrow it. I hope to improve my abilities and get with some guys who want to jam.

Paul Whyte

We spend most of our time coming up with original, creative ideas. With some arranging and Jamming these ideas evolve into songs. Isn't that always the case?

Edward Rivas

The studio is located in a basement which adds an interesting reverb effect to recordings. I have cut 25 songs (personal) and helped out a few friends with demo's. I'm always playing with the effects and mixer and wonder if I should become a studio engineer. I used to think they had it made, after owning one I tip my hat to those guys. All of this keeps me very busy.

Eric Butler

My studio right now is in limbo, but, I am hoping to have everything ready to roll by the summer's end. The only thing I'm really holding out for is a good space to record my stuff in. If anyone knows of anything in the Chicago area, please, let me know!


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