Richard Dolmat

Digital Sound Magic Studios is a professional audio and music mastering / recording facility, operating for over 12 years in Vancouver BC, Canada. Make all your productions into top quality masters and benefit from partnering with a studio that listens to your needs and enhances your ideas.

Marc Norris

Recently completed full time sound engineering coarse @mid ocean school of media arts (highly recomended). 4 months ago started dark sound productions for music and film.

Jeff Damon

For the less-experienced home studio owner: invest in the best you can find, subscribe to tape-op,homestudio, any mag to get input from the pros!! mix, EQ all good and needed!!!

Steve Chiocca

I work with and have worked with many different people over and have been playing music professionally since I was 13. I'm now 33 and would like to continue working with more musicians, writers, engineers, singers etc etc. as I love doing new and different stuff all the time.

Tristan Forgus

The studio will be moving this summer to a permanent, multi-room facility... at which we plan to add: baldwin upright piano, yamaha stage custom w/ zildjian, (3) shure beta58, akg d112,


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