Bob Whiting

I mostly record my own Music and Ideas but have in the past put out 3 Major Albums in the East Coast with a Band called Mama's Tongue, and did the Sound track to the 1st Half of the Motorcycle stunt group DVD Driving to Endanger = DTE, more info can be found on myself at and look up Bob whiting

Fernando Barragan

We are a recording studio that began in 2001 working as a home studio, untill, the budget increased because of our client demand, and then began working semi-professionally, in Mexico City. Ou specialty is recording Rock and Heavy metal music, because we think it is one of the most, difficult and variable music to record, but that helps us to improve and learn new self-teached methods, because we had to, and we are still learning from our costumers. Talking about me, Fernando, I'm flexible and open-minded, talking about learning anything new everyday.


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