Mark Lankford

My first non-commercial CD "First Cut" was released in 1999 and was available at until they folded. It was recorded on a Roland VS-880EX. A second EP CD, recorded on the Roland VS-2480, has been released under the band name "EMMSLY" and is titled "Stark Reflections" It was released on 15 February 2008. It was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York by Ryan Smith. It is downloadable at itunes, emusic,, napster, and rhapsody.

Matt Eastwell

Anyone with any tips to help a musician overcome his sound engineering disabilities....Help. This is with specific reference to recording accoustic instruments eg Cello, Piano, Classical guitar, Accoustic Guitar and real Drums.

Kevin Giambertone

Worked with lots of national acts as opening band. Took time off from the music biz, now looking to rekindle an old flame. Would like to learn recording ideas you may have to offer or anything you think could bring me to the cyber music world of the 21st century.

Kenneth Wiltshire

I took the money I was saving to finally fix this old house up enough to be able to have guest and friends come by, and instead put together a studio. So for now all correspondence will have to remain E-mail and phone calls.

K. Daniel Menard

I write mostly longer, pad heavy songs in the vein of what is called "new age". I call it 'NO age"! Nice sounding, moving pieces that go from soft and mellow to loud and radical. I don't do vocals. All leads range from synth, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violin, and several sounds from the synths. I'm a Christian artist without the "dead religious", traditional sounding music. Sinse I got my new CD burner, things have opened up a lot.I have a lot more chances to be heard by giving a CD to radio station.


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