Jeff Cohen

DigiMaxx Recording and Post Production is a state of the art digital Production facility. We have the latest from Digidesign in a complete remote capable ProTools HD2 system. Whether it's a music demo or video production, we can handle it. Once in the digital domain, all processing can be software based. Digital Editing and Sweetening are our specialties. With many years of mixing experience, the final product is professional and in sync.

Fred Thomas

I am an independent musician, composer, producer. I generally work with indiv. vocalists that can write lyrics as well as sing. My studio is currently in Tokyo, Japan where I have been for about 3 years now.

Ike Mhlanga

I am a qualified electrical Engineer employed by a power utility in Zimbabwe. am highly computer literate and I have no problems understanding the concepts behind today's technology. I believe I ave a good ear for music. I would like to communicate with other Home Studio owners.


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