Bernie Scott

With the equipment i have,I seem to know what I'm doing as people complement me on the sound i can get with such an oddball amount of equipment.people tell me that i have a nack for making vocalists sound better than they are.

Craig Dunham

Not a hell of a lot but the sound is oh, so sweet, so clean....use the VS880EX primarily for mixdowns, then to DAT. No vocal booth, but extremely clean vocals, when everyone is quiet. I find tape a lot warmer than digital recording for vocals, guitars, and horns. Moving to Brooklyn N.Y. in June 2000

Rob Jones

I would like to see your studio pics if you have any. wanna see mine, go to the site. sorry it is not updated. i will get new pics soon though. thanks and have a great day. can i here some of your recordings. i will send you my cd for 10.00. do you have a cd or cassette i can purchase from you? thanks again

K. C. Dunn

This studio has takin me 10 years to build up. We really work at capturing that spontaneous live creative energy that happens when musicians are truely in their element. 16 track time is 30/hr , 32 is 65/hr Remote recording starts at 75 for 2 track Dat, 32track Remote with truck $900.00


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