Choy Gargantiel

Im a Manila based struggling musician guitarist dreaming to be a known respected producer / rock guitarist someday, if not, help others to be one, develop their skills and talents, if God willing, i can discover talents who have the potentials to be famous in our dying music industry in our country someday.

John Spokus

I'm old school, but embrace some new technology(best of both worlds)I like analog tape, standalone recorders, things with actual knobs, and real synths instead of computer stuff, vintage guitars and amps, electronic drum kits

Jason Jared

Just set this up to pursue solo stuff. I was sick of having ideas and not being able to get them tracked. Not even close to commercial quality, but everything does what I need it to so far.

Jim Crew

Mainly a composing studio for my own work; also available to engineer/produce voice over recording/editing, song demos, album projects, and keyboard session player.


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