Home Studio Registry: Bjorn Bojahr

Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Composition Demos Above average High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles

Future plans/projects

Finish my demo-tape; get a Roland VS-1680 incl. 2 FX-Boards and CDR in the end of this year


Technics WSA1 (incl. Danceboard + Output Expansion), Roland A-30

Sound modules

Access Virus, Yamaha MU100/R, Kurzweil MicroPiano, E-MU Proformance


Dynamics: Behringer (Multicom, Mastercom), Alesis (NanoCompressor) Effects: Lexicon Alex, Yamaha REV500 + MU100/R FX, DODR512, Roland/Boss SE-70 Main-Mix-Processing: Behringer (Denoiser/Ultrafex/Mastercom)


Shure Beta 58


Behringer MX-2442, Yamaha MX12/4

Tape decks

Denon Tape-Deck

Hard disk recorders

Roland VS-840 (SCSI-Expansion)


Event 20/20, Technics SU-VX500 Sony+AKG Headphones, Heco-Hifi-Speakers


Apple Powerbook 190 16/500, Opcode Studio 4

Music software

Cubase 3.0 Mac, OMS, VL-70m Editor-Software (for the VL-Section of the MU100/R Synthesizer)

Additional equipment

Some Hi-Fi equipment, Some Guitar-FX


It's a very little studio, I know that, but it's great for writing songs. I'm a good piano-player and I know how to create fantastic sounds using my equipment. Sometimes, this is better than having lots of equipment... BTW: I like Blues/Jazz, Classic, Pop and Electronic Music