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Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Recording Practice/Rehearsal High Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 41-60

Future plans/projects

New Studio complete enough to use. Total Studio Space (Control and Talent Room as well as 1/2 bath) approx 400 square feet. Intended to be a composing/learning studio designed to help out deserving musicians. Completed in 2001. Check out my CD "Happy Ending" at my website!


Taylor 814CE with Fishman Prefix Blender(best investment I've ever made). Late 70's vintage Gibson "The Paul" (Genuine Les Paul designed without the maple top) Fender Precision Bass circa 1971 or so. 1980 Yamaha Acoustic SA-335(this has always been a solid guitar. I added a Barcus Berry Pick-up and drilled out the end to add the connector plug)


Roland S1 Sampling Keyboard Hooked thru MIDI to 3 rack modules. Courier upright piano

Sound modules

ART and Yamaha digital modules.


Roland 707 and Roland 505. Will be aquiring Congas and "toys" soon.


Ibanez SDR 1000. ART Effects module. Digitech guitar preamp/processor. Rockman Blender unit.


Shure, AKG, AR.


Cubase/ Alesis

Tape decks

TEAC PRO 2 Channel


Tannoy Monitors, Sony and AR headphones


Dell Dimension 8200, 86GB, 500M Ram

Music software

Cubase SX

Additional equipment

PreSonus Digimax LT - DBX ProVocal Processor - Frontier Designs, Tango 24 bit converter - FD, Dekota optical sound card (24 bit, 16 channel)


Constructive E-mail comments are appreciated from anybody who feels they have anything to add or any moneysaving ideas for construction. All construction and finish work is complete except the glass in the window, and the door to the talent room. You can see pictures on my website.