Home Studio Registry: Juan Trafford

Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Demos Commercial work Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100

Future plans/projects

Recording local bands.


A Fender Telecaster, a Gibson Epiphone, a Fender Strat Plus, a Rickenbacker red model 330, a Gibson Les Paul Studio, an acoustic Ovation, a bass Gibson Epiphone, a Rickenbacker bass, a Musicman Bass and a Yamaha BS.



Sound modules

Hammond B4, Absynth, FM7, Pro-53 and Pro-52 all from Native Instruments.


Drums Yamaha Mapel Custom, drum machine "SR-16" from Alesis.


Lots of computer Plug-ins from "Waves", "Hyperprism", "Canam", "Native", "T-Racks", "Cakewalk", etc..., a Tube mic preamp "Behringer T-1953", a cheap rack "Zoom-3030" for guitar, a dual channel compressor-limiter-gate "3630" from Alesis, a good pre from Focusrite, a nanocompressor and a nanoverb also from Alesis, the POD XT for guitar, the Fat 2 valve compressor-pre from TLAudio, and SansAmp for bass and guitar.


A Rode NT 2 for vocals, two Shure SM-58, one SM-57, one Beta Green 3.0, one Prologue (cheap), three Behringer XM1800S, one AKG-D112 for bass and bass drum and two condenser mics AKG-C1000-S.



Tape decks


Hard disk recorders

16 digital track recorder "Yamaha AW 16G".


Amp "Pioneer A-109", speakers Alesis MKII and headphones "Pro-Luxe Pro 30", and a pair of good ones from Sony.


Pentium III, 20 Gb and 128 Mb RAM. Digital Soundcard "Hammerfall Digi-9652" from RME, and a "Soundblaster AWE64" from Creative Labs.

Music software

I've used Sonar 1.0 and Cubase VST 3.5, but I wasn't very pleased due to their lack of easy EQ'ing. Now I use Nuendo and it's fantastic. Sound Forge 6.0 is my favourite Sound Editor, and iZotope Ozone has no competitors when mastering.

Additional equipment

A 150 Watt. bass amp. "Trace Elliot", a 200 Watt. bass amp. "Ampex", a guitar amp. 65 Watt. "Marshall Valve State VS65R", and two valve guitar amp. 40 Watt. "Fender Hot Rod Deluxe".


I use my Home Studio exclusively (at the moment) to work with my band "Peter Colours". We had a very bad experience in a pro studio recording what is our first record "Tangerine Shot", and finally we realized that we could do nearly the same by ourselves.