Home Studio Registry: Robert Strupe

Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Composition Demos Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other 21-40

Future plans/projects

Complete personal projects and projects for my church (www.christtemplechurch.com).


2002 Taylor 514ce, 1987 Peavey T-26, 1996 Warwick Masterman 5, 1942 Recording King Archtop.


Casio P100 Digital Piano.

Sound modules

Alesis MPD16 pads, Behringer BCR2000 controller.


BFD Acoustic Module, BFD 8bit kit, various 808 and 909 emulators.


Line6 Toneport UX8, Digitec RP250 pedal, Behringer VBass preamp.


MXL V6, SM57s, Behringer B1, Behringer 8000, EV R20.


M-Audio 1002a, Line6 Toneport UX8

Tape decks

None. Looking at Ampex units though...

Hard disk recorders

E-mu Darwin


JBL monitors, AKG M70 headphones, ART headphone amp


P4 2GHz, 784MB RAM, 320MB HDD. Going to a Mac when I can afford it...

Music software

Cubase SE, Reaper, Audacity, Wavosaur. Hoping to get Nuendo soon...

Additional equipment

Behringer 2496 Mastering processor, ART Tube Preamp, Behringer Ultramaximizer, and just about every free VST plugin imaginable :)


Work mostly alone but love working with other, knowledgeable people. Been playing guitars and horns for over 30 years now. Always looking for tips on good equipment/plugins, especially compressor and EQ usage. Hoping to get good enough find opportunities in music/recording professionally.