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Primary use Secondary use Recording knowledge level MIDI knowledge level
Composition Jamming/Fun Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone 21-40

Future plans/projects

I would like to have local musicians use my studio for demos. These can be handed out to bars or clubs, in hope to score the next big gig.


Musicman, Siloutte Special "my baby". 64 reissue Strat. A squire telecaster. 78 Explorer.


"0" I would like to find a reasonably priced keyboard at some point.

Sound modules



Boss DR505 Drum Machine.


Valve FX guitar processor. Line 6 Pod 2.0, can't live without this guy.


Shure SM58. Audiotechnica Dynamic Mic.


Audio Logic Software.

Tape decks

Tascam twin head mixing deck.

Hard disk recorders

Audio Midiman.


Event PS6 reference monitors.


HP 866, 256 megs/Ram. 40 gig HD.

Music software

Audio Logic recording and mixing software. Cool Edit Pro. 10-15 different Plug-ins.

Additional equipment

Carvin 100w half-stack. Peavey practice amp.


I pride myself often for never giving up the guitar when I was 11-12 years old. All the other kids wanted to play soccer, but I wanted to play to my favorite records. Now I'm 30 years old and technology couldn't have progressed at a better time. Writing and recording is the best way to release corporate bullshit. Amen!