Home Studio Registry

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The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.

Name Primary use Secondary use Guitarssort descending Site
V H Subramaniun Composition Jamming/Fun
Andrew Parnell Composition Practice/Rehearsal
Anton Bernhardt Other Other Yes
Brett Darling Jamming/Fun Composition Yes
Bjorn Bojahr Composition Demos Yes
Barry Jabbar Sykes Composition Demos
Andrew Venditti Composition Commercial work
Clinton Wike Demos Recording Yes
Christopher Bruzzi Composition Recording Yes
Christopher Kountz Other
Davis White Recording Composition Yes
Marvin Gregory Recording Demos Yes
Dennis Hansen Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal
Terry Dixon Practice/Rehearsal Jamming/Fun
David Banner Composition Commercial work
Miek Thompson Jamming/Fun Recording Yes
Dave Lewis Jamming/Fun
Edouard Novatorov Demos Composition
Rob Sharp Demos Composition Yes
Errol Allahverdi Composition Demos
Gairy Callam Recording Demos
Chris Hoover Composition
Felix Linden Composition Recording
Juergen Novotny Composition Recording Yes
Jose Mendez Commercial work Composition Yes
Garey C. Kennebrew Other Composition Yes
Glenn Lane Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal
Hamilton De Matos
Hector Lopez Demos Composition
Edred Mitchell Composition Recording
James Winfield Demos
Jacob Edelstein Demos Practice/Rehearsal
Jan B. Michanek Composition Demos
Jeffrey Ryan Smoots Demos Composition Yes
John C. Espinosa Demos Practice/Rehearsal
John Friesen Jamming/Fun
Christoph Tersek Composition Yes
Jim Kennedy Recording Composition Yes
Adrian K. Moore Commercial work Demos
Balazs Bakonyvari Jamming/Fun
Daniel Kwak Recording
Laban Johnson Commercial work Composition
Michael Packer Demos Practice/Rehearsal
Albert Tatmon Recording Composition
Mike Carter Demos Commercial work
Sinan Yurtcan Demos Recording
Michael Augustin Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal
Brian Willoughby Demos Composition
Mike Silverman Commercial work Recording Yes
Garry O'Neal Commercial work Demos Yes