October-November 1998

Vol. 3, No. 3: October-November 1998
More Instrumental Artists Join Forces With G9

Welcome to the October edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. More new titles have been added recently, including instrumental CDs by Dan McInerney, Project 7, Danny Masters, The Magic Elf, Steven Hopp/Richard Houser, Brian Loyd, Randy Pevler, Glasshammer, The Sons Of Infinity and Kevin Ferguson. Visit the Instrumental Guitar Showcase to browse and listen to all of these dynamic recordings, or check out our recommendations page. In addition, we are working on building a sister site (Guitar Music 9) to expose the world to guitar-oriented music with vocals. If you've released an instrumental project, get all the details about merchandising through Guitar Nine, and decide if it's right for your music.

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Guitar Nine

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