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Summer Promotions: Stetina and Handz of Danz
T-shirts and Free CDs Are Featured
Leading Instrumental Guitar Site Marks Anniversary
Guitar Nine Celebrates 5 Years Online
April Brings Great Guitar Releases
Number Of Instrumental Titles Available Tops 560
2001 - The Year Of The Guitar
Six-String Fanatics Unite Behind Musical Choice
Holiday Greetings To Guitar Fans
Over 530 Instrumental Guitar 'Gifts' Now Available
Guitar Nine Rocks Guitar World Magazine
Brian Stillman's "Surf City" Column Profiles Site
Guitar One Magazine Profiles Guitar Nine Records
Troy Stetina's Web Promotion Article Hits Newsstands
Leading Instrumental Guitar Site Marks Anniversary
Guitar Nine Records Celebrates 4 Years Online
Over 430 Instrumental Guitar CDs!
Something Available For Every Guitar Fan As Growth Skyrockets
Instrumental Guitar Explosion!
Guitar Nine Poised To Smash Through The 400 Title Level
Cold Winter Warmed By Great New Music
Dozens Of New CD Released Added
Instrumental Guitar Lives!
CD Title Count Expanding At Record Pace