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Region Artist/Band Name Style iTunes Edit
flag Steve Stevens Acoustic; World; Progressive
flag T.M. Stevens Electric (Heavy); Funk; Hard Rock
flag Vic Stevens' Mistaken Iden. Electric; Fusion
flag David Stockden Electric; Rock
flag Stratospheerius Electric; Fusion; Progressive
flag Stride Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Shred
flag Strings 24 Electric (Heavy); Shred; Heavy Metal
flag Strunz/Farah Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Jim Stubblefield Acoustic; World; Fusion
flag Daryl Stuermer Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Progressive
flag Joe Stump Electric (Heavy); Shred
flag Joe Stump's Reign Of Terror Electric (Heavy); Shred; Heavy Metal
flag Sturm Brothers Electric; Jazz; Fusion
flag Rolf Sturm Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Jazz
flag Will Sumner Acoustic; Fusion
flag Sun Caged Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Lenny Supera Electric; Hard Rock
flag Supertones Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Supertones Surf Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Surgeon Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Symphony X Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Heavy Metal
flag Synergy Quartet Electric; Fusion
flag Synesthesia Acoustic; World; Progressive
flag Syrek Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Denis Taaffe Electric; Rock
flag Taboo Voodoo Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Fusion
flag Vanja Tadic Electric (Heavy); Rock
flag Gilda Taffet Acoustic; Classical
flag Joey Tafolla Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag Barrett Tagliarino Electric; Rock
flag Takara Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
flag Talisma Electric; Progressive; Fusion
flag Brian Tarquin Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Scott Tarulli Electric; Fusion
flag Paul Tauterouff Electric (Heavy); Rock
flag Chris Taylor Electric; Jazz; World
flag Taz Taylor Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Rock
flag Taz Taylor Band Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Rock
flag Tears Of Anger Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Mckay Tebbs Electric; Rock; Jazz
flag Technical Info Electric; Fusion
flag Ten Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Terminal A Acoustic; Fusion; Jazz
flag Mike Terrana Electric; Fusion; Rock
flag Test Tube Rhino Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Thalamus Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Blues
flag Theebo Electric (Heavy); Rock; Hard Rock
flag Shane Theriot Electric; Fusion
flag Philippe Thibaut Electric (Heavy); Rock; Hard Rock
flag Maylee Thomas Electric; Rock
flag Pat Thomi Electric; Fusion; Progressive
flag Bryon Thompson Electric; Rock; Pop
flag Nick Thompson Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Three Headed Monster Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Throne Of Serpents Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Andy Timmons Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Andy Timmons Band Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Cooper Tisdale & Friends Electric; Fusion
flag Timo Tolkki Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag Jukka Tolonen Electric; Rock; Fusion