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Regionsort descending Artist/Band Name Style iTunes Edit
flag Ten Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Carl Palmer Electric (Heavy); Rock; Progressive
flag Si Hayden Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Fusion
flag Hoax Electric (Heavy); Blues; Rock
flag Shadows Electric; Rock
flag Nick Andrew Electric; Shred; Classical
flag Peter Williams Electric; Easy Listening
flag Johansson/Holdsworth Electric; Fusion
flag John McLaughlin Electric; Fusion
flag Kilminster/Smith Acoustic; Fusion; Classical
flag Riptyde Electric; Fusion; Rap
flag Mahavishnu Orchestra Electric; Fusion
flag Edward Box Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Steve Howe Electric; Rock
flag Chris Francis Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Jay Parmar Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Ozric Tentacles Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Hard Rock
flag Soft Works Electric; Fusion
flag Marty Friedman Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Zanister Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Caterine Electric; Rock; Progressive
flag Dr. Maybe Electric; Fusion; Electronica
flag El Becko: A Jeff Beck Salute Electric (Heavy); Rock; Fusion
flag Al DiMeola Electric; Fusion
flag Jens Johansson Electric; Fusion
flag Marc Klock Group Electric; Fusion; Rock
flag Greg Rapaport Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Fusion
flag Greg Jones Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Hard Rock
flag Rockin' Jimmy Crimmins Electric; Blues
flag Will Ray Electric; Country
flag Forgotten Realm Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Mogg And The Sign Of 4 Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Ray DeTone Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag MacAlpine/Brunel/Chambers Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Bailey/Bergson Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag Brian Rolland Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Nat Janoff Group Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag EGH Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Fusion
flag Joe Bonamassa Electric (Heavy); Rock; Blues
flag 3 Green Windows Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Blues
flag Doug Rappoport Electric (Heavy); Shred; Hard Rock
flag Rob Balducci Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Hellecasters Electric; Rock; Country
flag Craig Erickson Project Electric (Heavy); Blues; Rock
flag Nokie Edwards/Art Greenhaw Electric; Rock; Easy Listening
flag Eric Mantel Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Tim Cummiskey Trio Electric; Jazz
flag Michael Landau Group Electric (Heavy); Fusion; Blues
flag Drew Zaunbrecher Electric (Heavy); Blues; Hard Rock
flag Dave Cross Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
flag George Bellas Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Shred
flag Mojo Stu Acoustic; Blues
flag Hellborg/Lane/Selvaganesh Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Adam Nitti Electric; Fusion
flag Bill Perry Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Red Terrier Electric; Rock
flag Brian Tarquin Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Ralph E. Hayes Electric; New Age
flag Eric Byak Project Acoustic; Smooth Jazz; Fusion
flag Michael Nicolella Acoustic; Classical