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Region Artist/Band Name Style iTunessort descending Edit
flag Bryon Thompson Electric; Rock; Pop
flag Buddaheads Electric (Heavy); Blues; Rock
flag Craig Erickson Project Electric (Heavy); Blues; Rock
flag Craig Erickson Electric (Heavy); Blues; Rock
flag DC Slater Electric (Heavy); Rock; Hard Rock
flag Dr. Maybe Electric; Fusion; Electronica
flag Federico Miranda Electric (Heavy); Rock; Fusion
flag Kamchatka Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Blues
flag Kevin Ferguson Electric (Heavy); Neo-Classical Metal; Classical
flag Mojacar Flamenco Acoustic; Flamenco; World
flag Rich Roger Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Rick McKown Acoustic; Fusion
flag Simon Gardner Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Michael Mucklow Acoustic; Fingerstyle; New Age
flag Matt Rae Electric; Country; Rock
flag Van Davis Electric (Heavy); Rock; Funk
flag Dago Acoustic; Jazz
flag Bob Savage Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Progressive
flag Bottom Dwellerz Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Rap
flag Truth Of Fiction Electric; Rock; Funk
flag Chris Steberl Electric; Rock
flag Kenny Weydener Electric; Progressive; Fusion
flag Martin Motnik Electric (Heavy); Rock; Fusion
flag Peter McCarthy Electric; Rock
flag Dave Villano Acoustic; Folk
flag Alfredo Riojas Electric; Hard Rock
flag De Gladas Kapell Electric; Fusion; Progressive
flag Simone Fiorletta Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Gordian Knot Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Hard Rock
flag Adam Moore Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Joe Bergamini Electric (Heavy); Fusion; Progressive
flag Tim Cummiskey Trio Electric; Jazz
flag Scott Allen Project Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Waterclime Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Heavy Metal
flag Rez Abbasi Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag Lei Chen Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Airless Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Will Brady Acoustic; Folk; Blues
flag Elliot Holden Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Francesco Fareri Electric (Heavy); Shred; Neo-Classical Metal
flag Svilen Mikov Electric; Rock; New Age
flag Si Hayden Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Fusion
flag John Fitz Rogers (w/ M. Nicolella) Electric; Progressive; Rock
flag Tony Smotherman Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred
flag Tears Of Anger Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Tim Pitts Acoustic; Rock
flag Zeelion Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
flag Jay EuDaly Electric; Jazz; New Age
flag 2 GuitarViols Electric; Fusion; Rock
flag Jeff Aug Acoustic; Fusion
flag Sherman/Resto/Young Electric; Fusion
flag T.M. Stevens Electric (Heavy); Funk; Hard Rock
flag Les Sabler Electric; Smooth Jazz; Fusion
flag Jay Jesse Johnson Electric (Heavy); Blues; Hard Rock
flag Lord Of Mushrooms Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Progressive
flag Man Vs. Himself Electric; Fusion
flag Michael Nicolella Acoustic; Classical
flag David Stockden Electric; Rock
flag Budapest West Electric; Fusion; World
flag Deluc Electric; Rock; Progressive