Guitar Nine's December-January Edition - Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 4:43 AM

The December-January edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists are writing about string skipping, attracting (and keeping) guitar students, and playing with more speed, all delivered directly to your web browser. We've got six fresh columns altogether - all written by by returning columnists.

Tom Hess is back with a triple shot of columnar expresso with "The Only Way To Succeed As A Guitar Teacher", "How To Increase Guitar Speed" and "Why You Can’t Attract Guitar Students During The Summer". Mike Campese has returned with another technique column, "String Skipping". Artist development expert Tim Sweeney is back with "Outgrowing Your Music And Band". Finally, music industry guru Christopher Knab offers his perspective in "Why I Do What I Do".

The December update includes new interviews with guitarist Vinny Roth, axeman Steve Coyne, the multi-faceted Eric Loy and guitar player Steve Kaynan.