Guitar Nine's October-November Edition - Saturday, October 1, 2016 - 5:49 PM

The October-November edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists are writing about guitar intervals, harp like harmonics and playing fast , all delivered directly to your web browser. We've got four fresh columns altogether - all written by returning columnists.

Mike Campese has returned with another excellent technique column, "Arpeggio Sequences". Tom Hess is back with an excellent speed article "How To Make It Easy To Play Guitar Fast". Guitarist Tommaso Zillio is back with "Guitar Intervals: A Simple Way Make Stale Solos Fresh". Finally, acoustic guitar specialist Simon Candy returns with "How To Play Cascading, Harp Like Harmonics On Your Acoustic Guitar".

The October update includes new interviews with guitarist Steve Salter, British guitar player Rob Garland, German guitarist Mark Protze, and English guitarist Sam Russell.