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Guitarist Scott Allen's new online classroom with Truefire's Guitar Sherpa is up. Guitar Sherpa is a new teaching platform that allows anyone to take lessons from Scott from anywhere in the world on their own schedule.

"Guitarissimo" is the name of the first Twinpicks CD! For years, Twinpicks worked on the songs on this album, then stored them away. Later, the tracks were enhanced with MIDI arrangements and now "Guitarissimo" is ready to hear. Twinpicks features the twin acoustic guitar work of Wolfgang Zenk (noted for his 7for4 albums) and Uli Widenhorn, both whom have a wide range of musical experience. The is also reflected in the notably diverse musical repertoire heard on the CD - from Django-like sounds to modern songs from the rock-fusion genre - all arranged for two acoustic guitars. "Guitarissimo" consists almost entirely of original compositions, complemented by rearranged cover songs. Who knows how to appreciate the many ways the acoustic guitar can be featured? Twinpicks is the answer!

The February-March edition is now online!

This edition's guest columnists offer practicing tips, business advice and ideas for teaching students directly to your web browser. We've got nine fresh columns altogether - eight written by returning columnists and one by a new columnist.

Mike Campese writes a new technique column entitled "Sweeping Arpeggio Shapes (You Should Know)". Tom Hess returns with "How To Get Started Teaching Guitar". Neal Nagaoka is back with your amazing guitar videos in "Neal's Terrifying Young Guns: 6th Edition". Guitarist Joe Pinnavaia returns after a break with his article "Listen And Learn". Instructor and guitarist Jamie Andreas has contributed "The Musical Margin: Why Technique = Musicality". Marketing expert Christopher Knab returns with "Excuses Musicians Use For Not Learning About The Music Business". Guitarist Michael Knight delivers "Dynamics In Guitar Playing". Draven Gray is back with his advice in "Radiohead". Brand new columnist and designer Nadine Gressett has written "The Top Five - What Designers Can Teach Musicians".

The February update includes a new interview with bassist Dino Fiorenza.

Clark Colborn's new album is entitled "Again", (his second) and it's due to be released on January 2nd. Colborn's first release came out under the name "Clark Plays Guitar." The new disc is a step forward from that debut. The first time around Colborn earned some impressive critical accolades. Gregory Johnson of said, "Listening to the CD takes you back to the days when Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen turned playing guitar into an art form." According to Wayne Klinger of Quintessence, "...Clark is definitely something quite different in terms of the way he writes and handles his music. The leads and rhythms are catchy and inspiring; just the whole damn CD is impressive." Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief, Guitar Player Magazine had this to say: "Clark Colborn's fat and massively effected tone comes on like Godzilla, and it shifts between slinky, silky, scary, spiky, and searing. ...his brilliantly schizoid technical/primitive approach to the guitar is pretty exciting. In short, he rocks." With reviews like that some artists might be content to release a "more of the same" sequel. Rather than take the easy route, though, Colborn ups the ante with the follow up. The change can be noted by just looking at the credits as King's X's Ty Tabor serves as the mastering engineer on the release. But the difference doesn't stop there. Colborn admits that on the first disc he held back a bit, playing it a bit safe. With "Again", he says, "I let the songs take control and go where they wanted to go. So I ended up with longer songs (the obvious single, "Lie to Me," is six and a half minutes long!), more complex arrangements (but they still flow and rock!), and vocals."

"Live With DVD"is a specially priced CD/DVD combo digipak features the Australian jazz/fusion group Logic performing at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club (Melbourne, Australia) in October of 2010. The band features Glenn Cannon (guitar), Tim Wilson (sax), Dane Alderson (bass) and Ben Vanderwal (drums). For the uninitiated, their music stems from diverse musical influences, including New York style jazz/fusion, drum 'n' bass, Latin, classical, folk and pop music. Logic? has been making waves on the jazz/fusion scene since its inception in 1999. The ensemble has developed its own unique, contemporary sound, while preserving the spontaneous and interactive approach of the jazz tradition. Logic's self titled debut album was released in 2002 and received glowing reviews and international airplay. Their follow-up album "The Waiting Game" was released in 2004. Their third album was entitled "Native Strut", which was released in 2008. 2010's "The Hierarchy" was another popular release among the band's many fans.

Paul Nelson will be performing with musical guest Johnny Winter on Thursday, January 12th on CBS's Late Night with David Letterman. Check local listings for time.visit for more, or follow on Facebook.