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June-July 1998

No man is an island. No indie label is an island either. The importance of cooperation.

April-May 1998

British guitarist David Knopfler recalls the days when the Stratocaster was held in esteem as the instrument of choice--if you could afford one, that is. A tale of how dreams can come true, and how old feelings never quite die.

April-May 1998

How to keep from destroying your confidence by setting realistic expectations for your recording projects.

February-March 1998

British guitarist David Knopfler has a few words to say about the separate lead guitarist vs. rhythm guitarist identities.

August-September 2018

Are you a half-finisher? Always eighty percent complete? How you can finish what ya started.

June-July 2018

Did you ever wonder where confidence comes from? How is it possible to have confidence at times, and suddenly lose confidence at critical moments?

April-May 2018

Sometimes it seems every guitar riff and chord progression has been done to death. How you can avoid the tendency to copy.

December-January 2017

Don't fall into the same old trap of convincing yourself that now is not the time.

October-November 2017

Not quite ready to release that record yet? You may be underestimating yourself.

June-July 1996

An article designed to help you on the road to achieving your dream of completing your first CD release.

December-January 1996

How to trigger inspiration by understanding what causes it, and more importantly, what causes it for you.