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February-March 2018

Anyone (including yourself) can learn to develop creativity by using the proven methods and strategies for reaching this goal.

October-November 2017

Here are more true reasons for Vai's world-class guitar playing and the lessons each one holds for you.

August-September 2017

Here are the true reasons for Vai`s world-class guitar playing and the lessons each one holds for you.

June-July 2017

Don`t waste another second of your time learning the guitar scales by using the CAGED system.

April-May 2017

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of your guitar playing greatness is not learning complicated techniques.

February-March 2017

You will get your skills back again by using these five approaches.

December-January 2016

How to develop a lightning fast tremolo picking guitar technique.

October-November 2016

All of your favorite guitar players play in a way that looks amazingly easy.

August-September 2016

To easily play with greater speed, you`ll need to use the most effective picking technique possible.

June-July 2016

Improve your guitar technique while learning the proper way to sweep those licks.

April-May 2016

Tom Hess will help you make your guitar solos overflow with emotion,

April-May 2016

Tired of spending so much time practicing without ever seeing big results? Check out this article from Tom Hess.


Tom Hess is a professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches, trains and mentors musicians from around the world.

Visit his site to discover highly effective music learning resources, guitar lessons, music career mentoring and tools including free online assessments, surveys, mini courses and more.

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