Dan McAvinchey

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June-July 2017

I'm trying do more to get the music exposure and the radio airplay is doing that for me, since I get listeners from every country in the world.

February-March 2017

I hear themes in my mind and somehow it goes on paper. Some songs on "Untold Stories" took years to get written and recorded.

December-January 2016

But there is a risk with being an independent musician, and that is that you get so lost in your own freedom that you end up with a career that isn`t going anywhere.

October-November 2016

I love creating things, so putting my project together myself, while it was a lot of work, was very rewarding and also a good learning experience.

October-November 2016

Knowing I would fund the project myself, I felt that I would demonstrate more credibility to labels and other industry heavy-weights by investing in myself prior to asking them to invest.

October-November 2016

The music I write and record under my own name is just the kind of music I`d like to listen to and therefore has no commercial consideration whatsoever, which means it`s a bonus if other people like it!

October-November 2016

The main reason I started to play the guitar was Randy Rhoads. He had the biggest influence on me and my playing. When I first listened to him I couldn`t believe what I`d heard.

August-September 2016

My favorite bands were AC/DC, Motorhead, The Stray Cats, The Sex Pistols and so on, so mainly hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, and rockabilly/psychobilly stuff.

August-September 2016

When I started playing guitar I was very fortunate to have all the great guitar players in the prime of their career to look to for inspiration.

June-July 2016

My music a mix between the aggression of metal and the madness and extravagance of prog-instrumental-rock, I don`t close myself in within just a single genre.

June-July 2016

It`s much more difficult to attract the audience without vocals. For that reason, it`s very important to build some nice and attractive themes and melodies in instrumental music.

April-May 2016

I run a small production company and we are learning the ropes as we go. Someone once said you`re either learning or dying. I prefer to learn.


Dan McAvinchey is a guitarist and composer living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to write, record and release their own music.

Guitar Haus

His 1997 CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

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