Dan McAvinchey

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June-July 2016

It`s much more difficult to attract the audience without vocals. For that reason, it`s very important to build some nice and attractive themes and melodies in instrumental music.

April-May 2016

I run a small production company and we are learning the ropes as we go. Someone once said you`re either learning or dying. I prefer to learn.

February-March 2016

I first picked up the guitar when I was around 7, then became hooked from the age of about 12 onwards. I used to wake up in the middle of the night to play as I was just so excited by it!

February-March 2016

I`m always looking to better myself as guitarist, not so much the speed or technique but more the touch and sound that I try to achieve.

February-March 2016

I owe my entire career to the internet and social media sites. If Mark Zuckerberg knows how much Facebook developed my career I probably need to pay royalties to him!

February-March 2016

I really want to hear these songs live. I have many plans for this album, and I would love to play festivals and do guitar clinics. It would be a lot of fun.

February-March 2016

My latest CD "And So It Goes..." is self released through CD Baby. It was always my intention to release it myself as the thought of trying to pitch it to people was just too depressing!

December-January 2015

(An advantage of being independent is) you can be true to yourself and not compromise musically, artistically, or morally. I really see no downside to being independent.

December-January 2015

I am using every form of social media to promote myself and my music. I use everything from my YouTube guitar lessons and live videos, to CD Baby, MySpace, and Facebook.

December-January 2015

I`d like to do something with Eddie Van Halen. His ideas seem to transcend what we know about music theory and chord progressions and scales. He just has his own way of seeing things.

December-January 2015

I`m getting an audience that want to hear my original compositions as opposed to seeing me play covers which has been flattering! All with no manager, no agent, no label, no representation, no producer - nothing!

October-November 2015

It`s always difficult to label your own music, but I think of it as instrumental classic rock. I like to compose actual songs, not guitar exercises or improvisations which will only appeal to other guitar players.


Dan McAvinchey is a guitarist and composer living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to write, record and release their own music.

Guitar Haus

His 1997 CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

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