Dan Sorber

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October-November 2010

Take one thing, one approach, one pattern - and master it.

February-March 2010

Ideas that make good melodic sense whether you play them fast or slow.

October-November 2009

A two-part Invention done by one of Dan Sorber`s all-time favorite composers: J.S. Bach.

April-May 2009

You can come up with listenable and interesting solos if you know just how to "word" everything.

Dan Sorber is a highly respected instructor and guitarist living in the northern New Jersey area.

His teaching approach is based around helping students achieve their goals while making it fun. Dan has been playing for 13 years and teaching for 5.

His influences include Joe Satriani, Iced Earth and Symphony X. Dan currently plays for the melodic progressive metal band, Ferox Canorus.

Dan Sorber

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