Danny Jones

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August-September 2006

Danny Jones knows you don`t have enough time to practive - or maybe you do.

June-July 2006

Danny Jones is back, taking wide interval links and making cool runs out of 'em.

April-May 2006

Danny Jones is back with licks that will help you break the scale pattern syndrome.

February-March 2006

Danny Jones is back with blues licks featuring dynamic double stops.

December-January 2005

Danny Jones is back with blues licks taken from his recorded solos.

October-November 2005

Want to break out of the blues rut? Danny Jones offers some great starting points.

Danny Jones is a rock guitarist from the Northern California/Bay Area.

Danny is a former student of Joe Satriani, and a 2x Best Of The Bay winner.

His latest CD is entitled "Finding My Way".

Danny Jones

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