Greigg Fraser

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August-September 2010

Greigg checks out effects, beginning with pitch shifting or modulation effects.

December-January 2002

Get a grip, pencilneck! A solid way to strengthen your fretting hand.

April-May 2002

Canadian guitarist Greigg Fraser spills the beans on essential reading for guitar students everywhere.

October-November 2000

A simple technique that will have you breaking speed records even after the Olympics.

April-May 2000

There`s more to the simple plectrum than meets the ear.

December-January 1999

Learn to walk a tightrope on someone else`s web site--Greigg is here to talk guitar pickups.

Greigg Fraser is a guitarist and recording artist from Ontario, Canada who produces totally original instrumental compositions melding both clean and tortured, distorted rock guitar with fusion, new age and pop overtones.

His latest CD is entitled "Under The Radar".

Greigg Fraser

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