Joe Pinnavaia

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August-September 2012

When you find a group of musicians that you write, perform and hang with and can trust, well you may have won a lottery in life.

February-March 2012

Joe discusses one of the most invaluable practice techniques known - recording yourself and listening.

June-July 2011

Digging in with practical application of the pentatonic scale.

April-May 2011

A different perspective on the pentatonic scale using arpeggios.

December-January 2010

Joe continues onward in the series of practicing techniques that require no physical practice.

October-November 2010

Here are different ways of musical practice that do not have to be done at home or in a studio.

August-September 2010

Here`s a skill that saves you time and keeps you focused on the real issue that is causing you to make mistakes.

Joe Pinnavaia is a professional musician, guitarist, instructor and composer from Buffalo, NY, USA.

His first solo release, "InVitro", under the project name Test Tube Rhino, is now available digitally from iTunes and Amazon from Steve Vai's Digital Nations.

Joe Pinnavaia

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