Mike Philippov

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October-November 2013

Mike`s tips are designed to help you maximize your guitar practice efficiency and effectiveness

August-September 2013

Guitar exercises, in and of themselves, do not guarantee (or produce) massive progress in your musical skills.

June-July 2013

Here is a method to find out how much your vibrato has improved over the last 6-12 months of playing guitar.

April-May 2013

How to remember the notes on guitar once and for all and become a more creative guitarist in the process.

February-March 2013

Here are some great ways to overcome guitar practice challenges.

December-January 2012

Here it is, it`s right here, it`s here now and it`s right here for you - scale practicing that opens up creative options.

October-November 2012

Mike brings up some of the typical reasons why so many guitarists are unable to improve their musical skills.

August-September 2012

Mike discusses one of the most effective methods for practicing chord changes.

October-November 2009

When you are forced to make soloing decisions quickly, you may often end up making bad musical choices which distort your creativity.

August-September 2009

Have you been working on your sweep picking and been struggling to improve? Here`s help.

August-September 2008

How to use a metronome for maximum effectiveness.

August-September 2007

Here are seven common problems guitarists encounter when learning to sweep pick, and what you can do about them.


Mike Philippov is a professional guitar player, recording artist and guitar/music teacher. His guitar practice columns about learning to play guitar are read by guitarists worldwide.

His instructional music web site PracticeGuitarNow.com contains advice for guitar players on overcoming the most common problems faced when learning to play guitar.

Mike Philippov

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