Nick Layton

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February-March 2016

Here you`ll discover the three critical guitar phrasing elements that truly great guitarists possess.

December-January 2010

Nick has new ideas for making your own licks come alive.

December-January 2009

Five steps to better phrasing and cooler guitar solos.

October-November 2009

You haven`t been jamming without a purpose, have you? You have? Read Nick Layton.

February-March 2009

It`s time to stop talking and start working with some real musical examples featuring legato phrasing.

December-January 2008

Digging a bit deeper into phrasing in a quest for greater self-expression.

October-November 2008

The first step in improving your playing is to understand the concept of phrasing.

Nick Layton is a professional guitarist/composer living in Vancouver, WA. His debut CD entitled "Storming The Castle" is available now and features epic metal songwriting and virtuoso guitar playing.

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Nick Layton

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