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December-January 2010

Paul Tauterouff is back with an easy to play sequence that can help you to create some new and interesting sounds.

February-March 2010

Paul Tauterouff breaks things up a little bit to talk about some rockin` rhythm guitar ideas.

October-November 2009

Paul Tauterouff takes even more three-note sequences and turns them around to create new sequences that sound much more interesting.

August-September 2009

Paul Tauterouff takes a common three-note sequence and turns it around to create a new sequence that sounds much more interesting.

February-March 2009

Paul Tauterouff expends even more on the flash lick concept in Part 3 of the series.

December-January 2008

Paul Tauterouff expends on the flash lick concept in Part 2 of the series.

October-November 2008

You don`t always have to fret every note to achieve flashy results.

October-November 2007

Simple knowledge of pentatonics is all you need to utilize the modes in your lead guitar playing.

December-January 2006

Can you cure a case of guitar hero "Clone-itus?" Here`s some cure-all.

Paul Tauterouff is a professional musician and guitar teacher in upstate New York.

His CD "Audio Chocolate" sold for many years on the Guitar Nine site.

Paul Tauterouff

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