Randy Ellefson

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August-September 2007

How to keep your performance but change the ampís sound after the fact.

October-November 2006

Guitarist Randy Ellefson hopes you never need this article. But if you do, read on.

December-January 2005

Guitarist Randy Ellefson introduces two basic ideas in counterpoint: oblique motion and contrary motion.

October-November 2005

A look at ornamenting interval riffs with melody fragments.

August-September 2005

Can you benefit from a four-year music education? Part 2 of the series.

June-July 2005

Can you benefit from a four-year music education? Let`s explore the options.

October-November 2004

How using only two fingers creates more advanced possibilities for interval riffs.

August-September 2004

Creating a harmonic relationship between sections and adding to the sense of forward motion - Randy Ellefson is here with some great ideas.

June-July 2004

Thicken up lines, phrases and solos with the second double-tracking installment. Play it again, Randy.

April-May 2004

Creating a fuller, chock full o` tone sound with double-tracking. Play it again, Randy.

December-January 2003

How do you write something fast, expressive and musical? Randy Ellefson is here with some tips.

Randy Ellefson is an instrumental guitarist with endorsements from Alvarez Guitars, Peavey, and Morley Pedals, and a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna Cum Laude.

His most recent album, "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid", was independently released in July 2007. Ellefson is also known for his extensive experience with tendonitis, which once took away his playing for five years.

Randy Ellefson

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