Sven Stichter

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February-March 2006

Annihilate your tendencies to rely on reflexes, and use the force instead.

December-January 2005

Scare your audience (or even make someone hurl) with this ascending (yet descending) pattern.

October-November 2005

Tips on adjusting your thinking and broadening your style to expand your audience.

August-September 2005

How to be prepared and to know what situations can await you in the world of studios, producers, broken cables and detuned guitars.

Sven Stichter was born in 1974, raised in Germany and first picked up the guitar when he was 13. He completed his studies at the American Institute of Music (A.I.M.) at age 17.

After having been focused on rock and metal, his musical interests diversified into other styles such as pop, country, hip and trip hop without losing sight of the essentials of being a good guitarist and performer.

Tone, musicality, technical ability, a good commercial ear combined with his own personal magic have made Stichter a well booked musician in a variety of categories.

Sven Stichter

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