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October-November 2006

Do you know the difference between an amateur and a professional? Learn the difference between `just playing well` and mastery.

August-September 2006

How long you practice is not always as important as what you choose to focus your practice time on.

June-July 2006

Tom Hess urges you to get beyond `guitarist` and `musician` to uncover the `artist` within.

April-May 2006

Here`s how to spark the inspirational flame, and reignite your inner fire.

February-March 2006

Getting it done? Or wishing you had? Maybe it`s not too late to make your future.

December-January 2005

How will you achieve what you really want (goals) without knowing why you want them, and how you will get there (plans)? Let`s discuss.

October-November 2005

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess helps you to identify those inevitable weak areas in your playing.

June-July 2005

What separates those who do from those who don`t? Here`s how you can succeed where others have failed.

December-January 2004

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess weighs in on the debate over DIY or professional instruction.

June-July 2004

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess discusses the motivations of a true artist.

April-May 2004

Tom Hess is back with a second installment on how creativity can be enhanced to improve songwriting and improvisation.

February-March 2004

Tom Hess discusses how creativity can be enhanced and stimulated to improve songwriting and improvisation.


Tom Hess is a professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches, trains and mentors musicians from around the world.

Visit his site to discover highly effective music learning resources, guitar lessons, music career mentoring and tools including free online assessments, surveys, mini courses and more.

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