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December-January 2003

Tom Hess is back with the twenty concepts you need... and the five things to forget.

October-November 2003

Tom Hess takes an original approach to the subject of originality in music.

June-July 2003

Stop pulling out your hair, read the latest gem from Mr. Hess.

December-January 2002

Are you aurally challanged? Learn how to improve this vital skill.

October-November 2002

How to control a potentially rebellious picking hand.

June-July 2002

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess shows you how to select a good guitar instructor (and how to avoid a bad one).

April-May 2002

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess teaches you the important aspects of a good string shake.

February-March 2002

Neo-classical guitarist Tom Hess will break you of your tendency to quit.


Tom Hess is a professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches, trains and mentors musicians from around the world.

Visit his site to discover highly effective music learning resources, guitar lessons, music career mentoring and tools including free online assessments, surveys, mini courses and more.

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