Miek Thompson

My limitations is my strenth, everything elce is just an illusion for the weak... I may not have a $30,000 setup, but I know how to sound like one. I play everything live, what you hear is not a sequenced song, but me tweeking and triggering all my basslines,drumbeats, samples live.

David Patton

I give glory to Jesus Christ for the music he has allowed me to play and the gear he has given me. I pray this home studio will be a blessing to others as much as it has been to me. Rock On For Jesus!

David Banner

Inspirations include the Pat Metheny Group, The Rippingtons, Jeff Lorber, and Chick Corea. I am a computer science student who just recently decided to focus a little more on my music in my spare time. I like to write jazz and techno.


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