Harry Offutt

Constructive E-mail comments are appreciated from anybody who feels they have anything to add or any moneysaving ideas for construction. All construction and finish work is complete except the glass in the window, and the door to the talent room. You can see pictures on my website.

Craig McDonald

"Heavy - Instrumental - Rock" - Some people say that the guitar solo is dead !! Not for me !! - I have just completed my 4th, and 'best yet' Heavy-Instrumental-Rock' album and still going strong !! I have recorded all of my albums in my home studio, played all the instruments and they all sound great. If you are into Satch, Vai or Petrucci - and you must be otherwise you wouldn't be on this site right !! Check out my song samples from all of my albums on my website, plus read the latest music magazine reviews, then let me know what you think !!

Steve Blomerth

I do not consider myself a performer. I'm a song writer who uses the studio to help compose the music. My CD's are a way of releasing the works to a wider audience. A better singer or guitarist could probably bring my work to a higher level.

Manuel Guerrero

I am getting very good results recording straight to computer with the JMP-1, GX-700 and VG-8, so I never mike my guitar. Even when I play live, I plug straight to PA, and I use full-range speakers for my monitoring (JBL EON15)

David Patton

I give glory to Jesus Christ for the music he has allowed me to play and the gear he has given me. I pray this home studio will be a blessing to others as much as it has been to me. Rock On For Jesus!


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